Monthly Meetings, Programs & Conferences

Since 1976, the CHSSC has been offering free, public, monthly meetings with speakers and programs related to Chinese American and community history. Some of our own members are actively involved in historical and community research and have created enlightening and stimulating programs. In 1992, the CHSSC organized a National Chinese American Studies Conference at California State University, Los Angeles that involved speakers and scholars from all across the United States. More recently, we co-sponsored the Sixth Chinese American Conference held July 1999 in San Diego, CA. 

Due to the pandemic, CHSSC has been holding our monthly meetings through Zoom. These meetings are open to the public and free to attend. Each meeting typically features a guest speaker and a unique topic. To stay informed on when you can RSVP for the meetings, join our newsletter mailing list.

If you can’t attend or want to view past meetings, we upload the recordings on our YouTube channel.

January 2020: Long Time Midwestrn’: Recovering the Lost History of the Chinese American Midwest

Past Meetings:

December 2020: Herbs and Roots: A History of Chinese Doctors in the American Marketplace

November 2020: Sarah Heffner’s presentation on artifacts from the 1969 Yreka Chinatown excavations

September 2020: Chinese Workers and the Transcontinental Railroad: A discussion with Gordon Chang

Monthly Meeting Attendees