February 23, 2019

How to Record Your Family Stories Through Videos and Other Methods

Steve Nagano will present ways to record your family histories and experiences through videos, taped interviews and paper documentation.  He will discuss tips and things to consider in the processes. He will show some examples that he has produced, discuss the various ways that one can document your histories, and assess the resources that you have access to.

Steve was a former teacher with most of his teaching years as a computer teacher. His interests in documenting family histories begins in the 1970s with a 2 hour video of his mother’s family consisting of 8 brothers and sisters. He produced a short film on his family through his grandfather’s photo album for “Turning Leaves” a photo album project that opened at the Bancroft Library gallery. More recently, he has been in Visual Communication’s Digital History program, a film program for seniors, and produced 8 short films through the program. His interest in history has led to involvements with the Little Tokyo Historical Society and with chronicling many community events.

Refreshments will be served.  Please email cfhgsc@gmail.com if you can help with refreshments.


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