February 22, 2020

Film: We Are American Soldiers & Researching Military Records

Presented by Katie May Porter and Gregg Porter

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Film makers, Katie and Gregg Porter, will discuss their process of documenting We Are American Soldiers oral histories. They will share their research and how they gathered information about that seldom written chapter in US military history, as well as the challenge of finding photographs and films featuring Chinese American soldiers from that era.

We Are American Soldiers

Since America’s inception, immigrants have shown their gratitude to the country through military service. We Are American Soldiers is a short documentary film which captures the stories of Kwong Y. Yee and other Chinese Americans who served this country during WWII, only to come home and once again face discrimination. . It tells one man’s story of immigrating to America, being drafted for the war, and serving with the 407th Air Service Squadron – an all Chinese American unit, of the 14th Air Services Group in the China, Burma, India (CBI) theater. As with many soldiers, the friendships he made during the war played an important role throughout his life.

Although the film was not affiliated with the efforts to secure the Congressional Gold Medal, it does help illustrate the extraordinary stories of service and sacrifice represented by this honor.  We hope this film plays a small part in raising awareness of their service and help to highlight the roles immigrants have played in our country’s history.  Awarding the Congressional Gold Medal is a significant honor recognizing the service of the Chinese American WWII veterans. We believe our story can spark discussion and interest in surviving family members in recognizing the service of the elders.

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