September 22, 2019

Charlie and Ling Zhang Mid-Autumn Festival

Sun, September 22, 2019

4:30 PM – 7:30 PM PDT

Celebrate an Ancient East Asian tradition right here in Yorba Linda!

About this Event

Sunday, September 22, 2019, at 4:30 p.m.

Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

Free Event Admission

East meets West at the Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival at the Nixon Library — an evening of fun for the entire family!

One of the most important traditions of China’s past –the celebration dates to the Shang Dynasty in 1600 BC– visitors to the Nixon Library can experience an outdoor reunion of friends and families under the moon, symbolizing harmony and rejuvenation.

Schedule of events:

4:30 PM: Fusion Food Festival and Interactive Opportunities for Kids

6:00 PM: Special Performance in the magnificent East Room by Orange County Music and Dance Multi-Generation Chamber Orchestra


Overture to Magic Flute

Bach and Vivaldi Double Concertos with Young Soloists

Select American and Chinese Orchestral Selections

7:15 PM: Traditional Chinese music in the Pat Nixon Gardens, under the moonlight

With thanks to Charlie and Ling Zhang for their sponsorship of this new annual event.


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Name Charlie and Ling Zhang


The Richard Nixon Library and Museum, 18001 Yorba Linda Boulevard Yorba Linda, CA 92886