3rd Saturday Lecture – The Beauty and Danger of Chinese Lacquer

The San Diego Chinese Historical Museum is partnering with the SDSU Chinese Cultural Center to bring twice-monthly remote educational programming to our community via this series of talks and discussions.  This series offers unique insights into  Chinese history, Chinese culture, American history and lifeways of Chinese Americans, with a particular focus on objects represented in the Museum’s permanent collection.

On December 19th we will be joined by Ray Menegus, who will give a lecture on Chinese Lacquer.  A brief description of Ray’s presentation follows:

Lacquer was used to color, beautify, and protect screens, furniture, sculpture, bowls, etc. It could be carved, incised and inlaid. Mr. Menegus’ personal experience will show you how hard this technique is. You’d appreciate so much more of our collection when you understand the labor and technique of this ancient art form that originated in China.


Dec 19 2020


10:00 am - 11:30 am