3rd Saturday Lecture: Qing Dynasty Ceramics: An unprecedented era of colorful glaze innovations

The San Diego Chinese Historical Museum is partnering with the SDSU Chinese Cultural Center to bring twice-monthly remote educational programming to our community via this series of talks and discussions.  This series offers unique insights into Chinese history, Chinese culture, American history and lifeways of Chinese Americans, with a particular focus on objects represented in the Museum’s permanent collection

On January 16th we will be joined by Allie Arnell, who will present a lecture on beauty of Qing Dynasty porcelain.  A brief description follows:

The Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) in China was a time of great change and innovation, especially in the field of ceramics.   Several early rulers of the Qing dynasty reinvigorated the ceramic industry.  These rulers celebrated both the colorful glazes of several great moments of Chinese ceramic history and fresh approaches to color and glaze technique.  Additionally several changes to the structure of the industry allowed innovations to flourish at this time.  The result was an elegant array of colorful vessels that are still celebrated today. This talk will focus on the fascinating output of this artist ferment and will focus on the monochromatic, underglaze and polychrome decoration of Qing Dynasty porcelain ceramics

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Jan 16 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm