May 11, 2019

2019 UCLA’s Chinese American Culture Night (CACN); Echoes of Silence

Chinese American Culture Night (CACN) is a student-run $30,000 production that the Association of Chinese American (ACA) puts on every Spring with over 1,000 attendees. This year’s cultural night addresses a very prevalent topic in the Asian-American community: mental health. Historical, cultural, and religious values that are deeply held by particularly first-generation Asian Americans, such as “loss of face (or honor),” contribute to severe stigma for mental health. Thus mental health is often ignored or rarely discussed within the Asian American community. As a demographic, Asian Americans are often overlooked, partly, because of the model minority myth, but UCLA CACN is taking a stand this year and highlighting the importance of mental health. The storyline of CACN follows a group of students struggling to make the transition between college and adult life. The focus of the story is on Kevin, a young man overwhelmed by his parent’s expectations, and his journey within the AAPI community on understanding mental health.

Saturday, May 11th 6:30 (doors open) show is from 7-10pm

Royce Hall, UCLA

10745 Dickson Ct,

Los Angeles, CA 90095

Who: everyone is invited!

Deadline for reservation: Tuesday, April 30th 11:59 pm


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Royce Hall, UCLA, 10745 Dickson Ct,, Los Angeles, CA 90095